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A Dubious Distinction

November 8, 2008


If South Carolina weren’t a place of such breathtaking beauty (and it is, trust me), with an amazingly temperate climate, a low cost of living, one of the most storied college football coaches ever, and fresh seafood to die for, I would have to tell it to go fuck itself for emerging from Tuesday’s election with no women in the state Senate.  None.  Zero.



PSA: SEC Football Returns Tonight

August 28, 2008

NC State at South Carolina, 8:00 EST, ESPN

Vanderbilt at Miami(Ohio), 7:30 EST, ESPNU

P.S.  I’m most excited about my first year as a Gamecock fan and a loyal subject of the Spurrier kingdom.  I’ve waited my whole livelong life to call one of the Visor’s teams my own, and while I’m a UT Vol first, I also subscribe to the “when in Rome” theory of SEC football, except for when I’m in Georgia, obviously (sorry, Devil).   Anyway, let’s get this party started!