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Pat Conroy Did It, and So Should You

September 8, 2008

Why are only nine percent of elementary school teachers men?  NPR discussed it today on “Talk of the Nation” with Boston Globe columnist Derrick Jackson, who wrote an interesting article on the subject here.  I can certainly understand one reason he mentioned: low wages.  I’ve seen that one up close, as my mom and BFF are both teachers.  However, the other deterrents he discussed really bummed me out.  Apparently, a lot of men shy away from teaching elementary school students because of “notions of masculinity, fears of being accused of sexual abuse, and even undercurrents of homophobia.” (more…)


LOLetter to a BFF

September 7, 2008

In which my 8 year-old Jack tells his BFF Will what to expect from little brother Jaybird during Will’s upcoming visit to our house.