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FUCKING Fail, Jordin Sparks

September 8, 2008

Promise rings are icky, end of story.  You want to save it for marriage?  Go for it.  But rings should only symbolize marriage, engagement, education, and mafioso status, in my opinion.  I don’t want to look to your finger (or anywhere else) for your sexual agenda.

Jordin Sparks certainly has a right to disagree, but the VMAs may not have been the best place to do it.  And her delivery, without a doubt, SUCKED.  She really FUCKed it up.  Say it, don’t SPRAY it, Jordin.

Know what I mean?

Update: Super Bowl rings, too.  You may wear your Super Bowl rings.


Heaven Got the Gold Mine, We Got the Shaft.

September 2, 2008

Jerry Reed has died (thanks for the tip, loyal reader J).  Those of you who suffered through “East Bound and Down” on my summer mix CD know that my love for him and my poor musical taste know no bounds.  Godspeed, Jerry.  I know you will be right at home in that great Trans Am in the sky.

UpdateJalopy Journal has an epic Jerry Reed appreciation thread up.