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September 5, 2008

I often wonder why pro-choice voters cross party lines.

This poll provides an answer: only 13% of voters refuse to vote for a candidate who does not share their views on the issue.


When Myrtle Met Barry: Griefwatch ’08

July 7, 2008

I don’t like Barack Obama.  At all.  But I’m on the side of Right, and therefore I will vote for him like the yellow dog Democrat that I am.   I need more, though.  I want to want to vote for him, and I don’t.  But!  I’ve been known to perform death defying, 180-degree turns from hate to love, so I’m hoping that my feelings (nothing more than feelings) will change before November.  Just working my way through the stages of grief, y’all, but every time I try to inch from anger to bargaining, Barry tells me I cannot haz.  Why he gotta be that way?  Beacuse it’s bros before hoes, that’s why. (more…)