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The Low-Down, No-Good, Middlin’ Blues

July 5, 2008

Meet Robert Johnson, the “Grandfather of Rock n’ Roll” and my current musical obsession.  He’s from the Mississippi Delta.  My people are from the Mississippi Delta.   And that’s about all we have in common, because whereas I’m a Jack of all trades and a master of none, Robert Johnson was and remains one of the best at what he chose to do – playing the Blues.  The man made up his mind to break loose of the sharecropping life he was born into and make a go at musical infamy.  In the process he helped create the Blues and pave the way for Rock n’ Roll.  How’d he do it?  He sold his soul to the Devil, of course. (more…)


Bike Month on the Strand

July 5, 2008



I’m not from around here, and that’s okay, because no one else is, either.  We merry residents of the Grand Strand are just a ragtag band of retirees, Eastern European teenagers flown in to work in the resorts, mobile home dwellers, and regular folks who wanted to live in a beautiful coastal town but ended up in Myrtle Beach and called it a day.  The one thing that brings us together, though, is our strong opinions regarding our signature tourist event: the Biker Rally (Harleys, y’all), and its kissin’ cousin, Bikefest (crotch rockets, son), collectively known as Bike Week.  Bike Week lasts the entire month of May, and most of us just put up and shut up until June rolls around.  Then we remove our earplugs, sharpen our knives, and start the letter writing campaign.  So here I am with my $0.02 on Bike Week.  Please have a Natural Light and join me for the good, the bad, and the ugly.  (more…)