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She is From the South, Right?

September 3, 2008

Hahahahahaha Laura Bush just thanked everyone who ever approached her and George to tell them they were praying for the them.  Yes, indeed, Laura, we’re all praying for you and George, bless your hearts and aren’t you something!



June 28, 2008

Hey y’all. Myrtlebeachbum here. How’s your mama and them? “What’s that,” you say? Well, it’s a just a Southern way of asking (or “axing,” if you will), “What’s up?” I’ve heard it a hundred times at the gas station, the Kroger, Wednesday night church supper, funerals, weddings, and the beauty parlor.

“How’s your mama and them?” is no empty greeting. It’s not a toss-off like “How’re you doin’?” or “What’s happening?” It means something. ‘Round here, we really want to know how your mama, your daddy, your second cousin, and, most importantly, you are doing. I want to know; that’s why I read your blogs, text you with the help of my babysitter, drunk dial you, send you Myrtle Beach postcards, and Facebook stalk you. If you’re interested in how I’m doing and in what I’m up to, this is the place for you.

If you’re not interested, well bless your heart. I’m praying for you.