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September 8, 2008

This just in from the No Shit Department: holder of 18 million votes and big-state/swing-state winner HRC would’ve been a better choice than credit card company BFF Joe Biden for Obama’s running mate.  Unfortunately there’s no revisiting that one, but in related news, HRC continues to pay her dues to the Dems on her own terms, campaigning for Obama without directly attacking Palin.  My girl’s no dummy, but sometimes I wonder about my party.


Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb DUMB!

August 23, 2008

Dear Barry:

Joe Biden, huh?  Wrong choice, for so many reasons.  To your lack of military experience, he brings…no military experience.  To your membership in the most elite club in America, he brings…his own Senate seat.  To your least-favorite-profession-in-America job, he brings…another lawyer.  To your lack of executive experience, he brings…no executive experience.  And to the job of being America’s goodwill ambassador and savvy wingman, he brings his well-documented tendency to stick his foot in his mouth.  Not that the Republicans are good at twisting people’s words or anything, so I guess we just won’t worry about that one.  And as for those swing states and the fact that you’re down 16 motherfucking points in the South, well, I’m sure a Catholic senator from Delaware will be the yin to your yang in all things Nascar dad, working class bubba, and Joe Six Pack.  High five, Barry!  And give my regards to your advisors, may they rot in hell.  I’ll be seeing you in November, holding the short end of the stick.  Enjoy.



P.S.  That 3:22 a.m. text message announcement on a Saturday?  Genius.  Really, people were gathered around the water cooler buzzing about your choice all morning.  Can’t wait to see you put your management skills to work in Iraq.  You. are. awesome.