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September 8, 2008

This just in from the No Shit Department: holder of 18 million votes and big-state/swing-state winner HRC would’ve been a better choice than credit card company BFF Joe Biden for Obama’s running mate.  Unfortunately there’s no revisiting that one, but in related news, HRC continues to pay her dues to the Dems on her own terms, campaigning for Obama without directly attacking Palin.  My girl’s no dummy, but sometimes I wonder about my party.



September 4, 2008

Can I ask a serious question?  Why didn’t Barack Obama choose HRC to be on his ticket?  I didn’t think he would, but I’m a pessimist at heart.  I haven’t even thought much about it until tonight, but tonight I’m thinking about it a lot because I just watched a bunch of Republican women go apeshit over their female vice presidential nominee.  And I am happy for them in my own way. 

So…why?  I Googled the official explanation, and I have to say: Answering “Why didn’t you think she was the right choice” with “She just wasn’t right choice” isn’t an answer.  Kthx.

A Study in Overthinking

August 1, 2008

Waiting for Barry to pick a vice presidential candidate is a lot like waiting for Brett Favre to land somewhere, anywhere: it’s a long, painful process, there is no end of talking heads to speculate about it, and we all have a sinking feeling it isn’t going to end well.  While it’s too late for Favre, the NFL, or the Packers to tidy up their own corner of Waiting Game Hell, Barry still has a chance to do something that makes sense. (more…)