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In Which I Am a Weirdo

September 18, 2008

So in my pre-Hurricane Hanna preparations I photographed every last damn thing in my home to prove to the friendly insurance adjustor that I had a lot of nice shit before the Atlantic swallowed it all.  Luckily I haven’t had to use those photos yet, but they are a fascinating study in the stuff I accumulate.  It blows my mind that when I got married nine years ago I didn’t own one single toy, and now I have maybe 3,000 plastic figurines from McDonald’s, 1,500 Pokemon cards, 60 Webkinz, etc.

My favorite picture is the one above, though, because I think it perfectly captures what a redneck I am.  If you’re going to cook up a nice White Trash meal, why not photograph it, you know?  That’s peach tea in the Ole Miss cup, BTW.


Batshit Crazy: You’re Doing it Wrong

August 3, 2008

Florida always lands dead last on my list of favorite Southern states.  In fact, every time I play the ranking game with anyone, I throw out the argument that Florida is no longer a Southern state at all.  Last time I pulled that one, though, I was in our kitchen with my copies of “White Trash Cooking” and “White Trash Cooking II” staring me in the face, and I had to bite my tongue, because as long as Florida claims “White Trash” author Ernest Matthew Mickler as a native son, I will give Florida credit where credit is due. (more…)