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A Dubious Distinction

November 8, 2008


If South Carolina weren’t a place of such breathtaking beauty (and it is, trust me), with an amazingly temperate climate, a low cost of living, one of the most storied college football coaches ever, and fresh seafood to die for, I would have to tell it to go fuck itself for emerging from Tuesday’s election with no women in the state Senate.  None.  Zero.



Let’s Go Krogering. For the Worst of Everything…

October 23, 2008

Including the pickup lines.

Picture it: Murrells Inlet Kroger, 2008.  Me, trying to buy groceries.  Cute young checkout girl, trying to do her job.  Old, yellow biker dude skeezer, in line behind me buying beer and chicken.

Skeezer to checkout girl: So, how’re you?

Checkout girl: Fine.

Skeezer: I can see that.

Me: Die in a fire.

Sometimes you wish you handn’t left your shank at home, knowhuddimean?

I Had Nothing to Do With This

August 5, 2008


But I am really excited about it.  When the Myrtle Beach banner planes start crashing one by one, can the fiery death of the radio ads for Derriere’s (A Gentlemen’s Club!) be far behind?  God is smiling on me this month.

P.S.  That picture up there?  Is the graphic the local ABC station used to illustrate the crash.  WTF is that about, News Channel 15?  Is this the broke-ass banner plane in Second Life?  If so, bravo.  That’s fucking awesome.  High five!