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And Now for Something Completely Different

September 9, 2008

It’s football time in Tennessee, but let us not speak of the Vols.  Let us remember instead the Music City Miracle, which I didn’t catch live since I was 9 months pregnant with twins and either asleep in the bathtub or passed out in the bed (I can’t remember which).  I can remember being awoken to watch the replay, though, and I must say it was almost worth it.  I caught it again tonight on the Top Ten Most Amazing Touchdowns Ever in the History of the Mankind or Something (it was #2), and it’s worth revisiting.  It comes in at #4 in the clip above, starting at 0:48.  Watch and learn, Phil Motherfucking Fulmer.

Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to go lick this screen: (more…)


Pussymouth: Official Facial Hair of the South

July 22, 2008

Not bad, huh?  Except for one little thing (permahat aside): that pussymouth has got to go.  I’ve watched the epidemic spread across Dixie, and last week at my mom’s house I reached my breaking point when I realized she’d married a goatee man.  My step dad has one.  My dad has one.  Tim McGraw has one.  I fear that I saw my illicit lover, Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher, sporting one during pre-season training the other day.  Why, oh why do Southern men feel the need to sport a pussy on their face?  I’m intrigued, I’m horrified, I’m embarrassed for all of them, and I must know how this happened.  If anyone has the answer, come find me.  I’ll be in the garage with a Coors Light, admiring a real man turn a hunk of metal into a gleaming hot rod.  He’s got a clean, close shave, and if he wants a pussy on his face, he’ll get it the old fashioned way, thank you very much.