Change We Can Believe In

Yes, please: Barry calls for a college football national championship playoff to replace the universally-loathed BCS nonsense.


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5 Responses to “Change We Can Believe In”

  1. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    Hell yeah!! Go Dawgs!!!!

  2. London_Calling Says:

    This was great, especially compared to McCain’s ramble about performance-enhancing drugs (an issue for sure, but not one for that time). I also hope that McCain can somehow kill the advance guy who put him on a working tarmac for that – worst advance guy ever.

  3. lalaland13 Says:

    I only wish President Obama (god I hope) had the authority to order the BCS to die die die, to order it aborted. Those old coots who are in charge of it are too damn busy counting their money to give a crap.

  4. Mack Luster Says:

    check out this hilarious BCS satire!

  5. dorothyzbornak Says:

    I hope abolishing the BCS system is one of his first acts as president.

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