An Uneasy Peace


I’ve mentioned before that I am one-half of a politically divided marriage.  Although my other half and I aren’t really that far apart on the issues (we’re both essentially Libertarian, but he takes the fiscal route to the GOP while I take the social issues yellow brick road and side with the Dems), we definitely want our respective candidates to win tomorrow night.  Whatever happens, one of us is going to be deeply unhappy, and while I am looking forward to the excitement of election night, I am dreading that final moment when one of us is holding back the victory dance and the other is bracing for the next four years.  Election night 2000 was the unhappiest of moments, and I do not desire a repeat.

See y’all on the other side.



9 Responses to “An Uneasy Peace”

  1. cate3710 Says:

    Eep. Best of luck with everything.

  2. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    Although I’m not in a house divided, I just don’t see the delivery of salvation at midnight with either ticket. I honestly wish I had greater hope for the situation, it’s just not there.

  3. dorothyzbornak Says:

    I don’t know how you do it. I have several friends with Republican hubbies who do that same fine line dance on election night. Godspeed!

  4. myrtlebeachbum Says:

    True dat, Devil. Election by litigation is the new American Way.

    Dotty, are you telling me that Maverick votes Dem? That’s hot.

  5. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    Even beyond litigation Beach Bum, it’s the QUALITY AND EXPERIENCE of what the political machines are allowing to take the nominations that troubles me.

  6. TheDomina Says:

    My partner and I don’t discuss for whom we vote, so I actually have no idea of his candidate. We discuss politics and candidates but we don’t try to sway each other so I don’t know his presidential pick. Probably best that way, just in case it differs from mine.

  7. London_Calling Says:

    Not quite the same thing, but the boyfriend and I faced this during the primaries: him a crazy Obamaniac and me the Hillary backer (I’m wearing my Hillary t-shirt under my Obama/Biden t-shirt today). We finally had to stop discussing the primaries. We ended up watching the final primary returns come in, and well, celebrating is kept to a minimum when your girlfriend is crying, let’s put it that way.

  8. lalaland13 Says:

    I’m sorry, hon. That really stinks. This is why I think I have to marry a semi-liberal, because I’m already used to holding it in around my Republican family.

    I do have an engaged friend who is voting Obama with a fiance voting McCain. But I think lately he’s been saying Obama isn’t that bad, ha, so that’s not terrible. And she’s not as vehement about her political beliefs as me, which is good for her health, I’m sure.

  9. notaclevername Says:

    My parents had a mixed marriage* and my boy looooves John McCain. A lot. Fortunately he also loves Joe Biden and haaaaaates Sarah Palin, so he’s voting Obama. I think there’s probably nothing hotter than a man who thinks for himself.

    *My parents have been divorced for ages and had been really icy toward each other. Then, parents’ weekend in 2004, they discovered that they both loved John Kerry and guacamole at this restaurant I’d taken each of them too and they have been oddly friendly ever since. And thankfully, both have since moved to swing states!

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