Whatever, Dude.

I haven’t taken “because I said so” as justification for anything that comes out of Colin Powell’s mouth since his bullshit appearance before the U.N. Security Council pre-Stupidest War Ever, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to find he was a character witness for Ted Stevens during Stevens’ recent federal trial on financial disclosure law violations.  Still, it doesn’t look good, especially since Stevens was convicted yesterday on all counts and is already being widely decried as a corrupt old fucker, even by those within his own party.  I didn’t believe Powell in 2003, I don’t believe him when he says Ted Stevens is a “trusted individual” with a “sterling reputation,” and I’m still waiting to hear why he’s a man whose word is irrefutable truth.  Sure, I was happy when he endorsed O, but as someone who knew a lie when I saw it during his testimony outlining “our” case for war in Iraq, I’m unsure why this man’s word means anything more than anyone else’s.

Bring me someone who wasn’t W’s mouthpiece during the WMD nonsense, and I’ll be all ears for his presidential candidate endorsement.  Until then, I’ll just be hanging out, drinking Maker’s, listening to Miley Cyrus, and generally being a transformational beach bum.


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3 Responses to “Whatever, Dude.”

  1. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    Powell is old guard military establishment and that’s all it takes for some folks to sip his brand of Kool-Aid. Powell played the games of career advancement and politcal shill, which is standard issue for those serving at that level. Petraus, although far from perfect, is the first among the ranks of generals to really question the vetting process to move into that high ranking sphere.

  2. lalaland13 Says:

    I’m also glad he endorsed Obama, but is it just me or has he not really taken much blame for the Iraq stuff? I mean, he seemed a bit more on the fence than some Bush officials, but he went along anyway, if I remember my Woodward right. Sigh.

    And even Palin called for Uncle Ted to step down. Oh shit. If Alaska re-elects the bastard, they have serious issues and should go ahead and secede.

  3. dorothyzbornak Says:

    Between Stevens and Palin, WTF is going on in Alaska? The cold has frozen their brains for sure.

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