This just in from the No Shit Department: holder of 18 million votes and big-state/swing-state winner HRC would’ve been a better choice than credit card company BFF Joe Biden for Obama’s running mate.  Unfortunately there’s no revisiting that one, but in related news, HRC continues to pay her dues to the Dems on her own terms, campaigning for Obama without directly attacking Palin.  My girl’s no dummy, but sometimes I wonder about my party.


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4 Responses to “You THINK So?”

  1. lalaland13 Says:

    I’ve heard that before, and honestly, it may have been right, but we also just don’t know how it would have played out, just like we don’t know how Palin will play out. I like Hillary in the Cabinet, but I understand Obama’s thinking in not picking her. The press could have seized on something stupid, just like they’re falling all over Palin having a knocked-up daughter. Or we could have seen endless clips of Hillary insulting Obama in the primaries and vice versa. It might have never ended, and frankly, I was so glad for the primaries to end, because they were wearing me out. The general is already causing me to wail and gnash, so if there was more “Hillary vs. Obama: They Really Hate Each Other, RIght? Secretly?” I would have had to do an exchange program with Trixie and move to Canada.

  2. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    Deconstructing Palin isn’t that damn hard folks! The facts are in her personnel decisions, budget decisions, and policy decisions as a mayor and governor. This data is a matter of public record, fact checking, and basic research. Her weak, self-serving, ill-planned record should be presented by EVERYONE promoting Obama/Biden. Palin is NOT the break with the Republican Machine as first portrayed. This disappoints me in the “big” picture for American politics because I hoped she was the antithesis of Cheney for the sake of improving overall politics. WRONG!

    The Dems also need to keep the heat applied directly to MrCrankyPants so he can’t hide behind the skirt tails of his distracting “northern light.”

  3. CeeJeeMcBeeGee Says:

    When people consider this very valid point, they never consider that perhaps HRC didn’t WANT the job….

  4. kadinsky Says:

    this morning I was getting ready for work and listening to Biden and McCain bluster about the other sides’ shitty economic policy. McCain with his same old shit and Biden crying about the need for more regulation. i came soooo close to smashing my pretteh face into the motherfucking mirror.

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