Thanks But No Thanks.

I still have my copy of Dr. Seuss’ Sleep Book, which my dad read to me every night when I was a little girl.  It’s no Cat in the Hat; it’s a thousand times better because it’s funny and soothing and full of relatable anecdotes about that most universal of experiences: sleep.  I always felt a little bad, though, for the tired salesmen in the book who were passed out on the roadside from a hard day on their feet “trying to sell Zizzer-Zoof Seeds, which nobody wants because nobody needs.”

I’ve found my new Zizzer-Zoof Seeds in Bud Light Lime.  Who asked for this shit anyway?


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6 Responses to “Thanks But No Thanks.”

  1. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    Plez to quite ripping off my beloved Corona and lime. Maybe this will stop since Budweiser is now owned by someone/something in Europe now!!

  2. sigourneyfever Says:

    Someone has to stop this artificial lime madness. It was bad enough when they put Pledge into Coke and tried to pass it off as a refreshing citrus beverage, and even worse when they added faux-lime flavor to Tostitos, but this just takes it too far. Is it really that bloody hard to cut up a lime and stick it in your beer? Or if you’re that desperate, to buy a .79 jug o’ lime juice and stick a few drops in? Come on, dudes. This is madness. This bottle should have Gawker’s “Shut Up, College” tag written all over it.

  3. Skinny Bone Jones Says:

    You know what’s really bad? Is that this was last seen at my mother’s house, here in CA, where lemons and limes are in abundance. WRONGFUL.

    Note: Whenever I ask my mother whether or not I can bring anything when I visit, she always answers – somewhat loftily – “whatever you’d like to drink.” A hint, perhaps?

  4. notaclevername Says:

    I like weird, artificially flavored thing, but even this looks like shit to me. Mainly because it’s bud and bud is like a bottled hangover, to me.

    I won’t say, though, that the billboards for prickly pear or raspberry beer are intriguing, even if they’re from a major beer factory that’s going to make shitty beer.

  5. dorothyzbornak Says:

    And not to be outdone, Miller has also created their own lime flavored abomination, Miller Chill. Do. Not. Want.

  6. LipstickLibrarian Says:

    Anyone for a Tequiza?

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