Obama Taunts God: Exactly One Person Notices

I watched closely, but I didn’t catch all the action at the Democratic National Convention.  Luckily, one of my fellow citizens had her gaze fixed firmly upon Barack Obama and his shenanigans.


Humans alone can’t create reform@-As I listened to and now reflect upon the Democratic Convention, I am sadly convinced that their grandiose dreams and plans cannot come to fruition. No change or reform is possible by human power alone. Taunting and manipulating our creator and his laws can merely result in further decline in human self-respect and morality. They truly do not get it.

Yet each speaker invoked God’s blessing on all. God does not dictate or punish. The misuse of our divinely endowed free will does so.

Mary Cummins
North Myrtle Beach


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2 Responses to “Obama Taunts God: Exactly One Person Notices”

  1. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    Another fine example of Horry County inbreeding. Do you think they attend the Gulag Preacher’s church?!

  2. LipstickLibrarian Says:

    I feel so . . . chastened.

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