Hanna update: School’s out tomorrow, we’re kicking off work early, we’re stocked up on liquor, and the outdoor furniture is safely inside.  We expect high winds and lots of rain (at high tide, of course), but barring a long power outage, everything should be okay.

Hurricane (d)Ike, on the other hand, is not looking good for someone – we just don’t know who that someone is.  It could be South Florida.  It could be us.  And, God forbid, it could be New York.  Brendan Loy has an interesting analysis over at Weather Nerd (if you don’t know Brendan, he’s the blogger who told folks that Katrina was gonna be bad way before it hit), and his Ike forecast includes the nightmare scenario of a Category 4 or 5 landfall in New York.  How do you evacuate 4 million people?  Early, and painfully. 

Go out to sea, Ike.  May you sleep with the fishes.


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4 Responses to “yIKEs”

  1. notaclevername Says:

    I’m looking at the computer models now, and it looks like the eastern part of the storm is going to graze you. No big deal. It will be a prolonged, windy, exceptionally bad thunderstorm, and nothing more. Trust me.

    Ike scares the crap out of me. If it hits me, on a personal level, I will be devastated for the people who are still reeling from all the rain Fay dumped on us. On a professional level, it will mean a shitton of work for me. If it hits somewhere further north on the east coast, on a personal level, I will be scared shitless for my friends along the eastern seaboard, but on a weather nerd level, I will be fascinated to see how it gets all the way up there.

    Hurricanes are bad. I think I should move to Missouri.

  2. myrtlebeachbum Says:

    That’s the problem with having friends! I don’t want it to hit you, I obviously don’t want it to hit me, and I don’t want it to hit our girls to the north.

    Out to sea, I say.

  3. lalaland13 Says:

    Well, I wouldn’t mind if “hit” me, if by “hit” you mean about what we got with Gustav, which was six inches of rain. Of course that wasn’t great but it’s probably about the best scenario with a former monster like Gustav. I kept hoping Gustav was just a clever marketing ploy by Olive Garden, and we’d soon be getting free breadsticks and salad, but no.

    And clever, today I wrote a story on all the rain we got and not much happening. It’s weird how sometimes you have to let people know that nothing really happened in case they think it did. Or something. I’m tired. To bed I go.

    Oh but before I do, I saw the funniest thing at Wal-Mart. Walking by the deodorant aisle, I noticed it was bare. I paused and saw a sign: “Temporarily out of stock due to Hurricane Gustav refugees”at the place where they’re keeping a couple thousand of em. I was like dang. Dunno if Wal-Mart donated or what, but if the entire city starts stinking, we’ll know why.

  4. BAngieB Says:

    Hmmmm. Typical, I move to NYC and take a hurricane with me. I would have guess tornado.

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