Mmmmm, Bacon.

Bitches love bacon, and apparently other folks are catching on as well.  This morning, Santa Monica Public Radio’s KCRW let me know that the Minnesota and California state fairs offered chocolate-dipped bacon this year.  I Googled for more information, and of course it turns out that the Candy Addict wrote about it quite a while ago.

After having tasted some heavenly bacon toffee, I’m definitely game.


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9 Responses to “Mmmmm, Bacon.”

  1. london_calling Says:

    I saw this a few weeks ago, and I think it may be the best thing ever created –

    Also, there’s a new restaurant opening up here that will have a bacon bar – with different types of bacon served. I am currently packing up my apartment so I can move in there permanently.

  2. myrtlebeachbum Says:

    London, that IS awesome. And the presentation is so much better than those sad strips of bacon in the photo I found.

    I have found my new hostess gift.

  3. sigourneyfever Says:

    Ah yes, bacon candy. I have never tried it, but as I love bacon and chocolate, I would be down to try some if it came my way. CA reviewed bacon mints, as well, but those are apparently pretty disgusting.

  4. marianne Says:

    You wanna know how much bitches love bacon? Check out the Bacon Day party we threw in Santa Barbara. Bitches will eat bacon in anything.

  5. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    I luvs me some Voges chocolates ladies, get on their mailing list you’ll thank me although your credit card won’t! London, we expect multiple reviews of this heaven outpost on earth…ASAP!

  6. BAngieB Says:

    Y’all? I love to dip bacon (and scrambled eggs) in chocolate gravy…I’ve been doing it since I was a wee thing. It is awesome.

    Next year: BACON DAY!

    And, I’m with you MBB, chocolate bacon pig is the new hostess gift – forget wine.

  7. nadarine Says:

    BAngieB: wtf is chocolate gravy? Those two words together scare me.

    Damn it, why didn’t I see this Vosges delicacy before I went out to run errands? As long as they take Discover, I plan to be awash in baconchocolate for the next two weeks. And SigourneyFever, next time we hang out, I promise to make my bacon toffee again. I will leave the making of bacon candy (the kind covered in brown sugar) to BAngieB, however, as she seems to be much more talented at making it sans making fire than I am.

  8. BAngieB Says:

    Yo Nadarine,: chocolate gravy is yummy. It’s like milk gravy, but with cocoa. You put it over a big hunka butter, then eat it with biscuits or white bread.

  9. nadarine Says:

    BAngieB, I love you, but this scares me. White gravy + cocoa? Please tell me there’s no s&p involved? Maybe some sugar added? If it’s milk + butter + cocoa + sugar, I might be assuaged.
    But eggs and this chocolate gravy idea frightens me. I think I would probably flee the room if I saw this in action, as chocolate and scrambled eggs seems very, very wrong.

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