I Next in Line to Spew Hatred

Does the Sun News turn away any letters to the editor?  I am beginning to wonder.  In an effort to turn a negative into a positive, though, I’ve decided to post the worst of them here for our collective amusement.  I’m going to call them LOLetters to the Editor.  Keep in mind that I pay money for the privilege of reading this crap (those of you who have ever lived in a small town can feel my pain).

Today’s letter comes from a “real” American with a busy schedule and no time to wait for her verb-deprived fellow man to cut in line to pay for a loaf of bread.  Take a peek:


Learn to respect

American ways@-Recently I was in a local food store with a full basket of groceries. I got in a line with one person in front of me. As I stood there waiting to move up, a man and a cart appeared next to me. I wondered what he was doing there (there were now three people in line behind me).

When the shopper in front of me moved, I pushed my cart up (this is one of the stores where the cashier unloads your cart), the man with the cart hit my cart and said in his Asian accent “I next.” I told him that I did not think so. Again he pushed my cart, held up a loaf of bread and said, “I forget this, left line, now back.” I told him that since he left the line he lost his place and to get out of my face. He turned and walked away but not before calling me a [nasty name].

Maybe I could have handled it differently, but I am tired of people that come to our wonderful country and think they have the right to do whatever they want. This is our country. Learn to respect it or go back from where you came from.

Dorothy Deitz
Myrtle BeachNote: @- denotes e-mail letters.

High five, Dorothy!


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4 Responses to “I Next in Line to Spew Hatred”

  1. london_calling Says:

    This is a reminder to my in my liberal-latte-drinking-blue-state world why things like the Republican convention in it’s form last night still exists.

  2. The Mayor of Bethville Says:

    Uh oh, Dorothy, you made him rery, rery angry. “Ching, chang, chong,” and all that jazz. Don’t hold back now on how you really feel about the Asians, in your North American accent.

  3. lalaland13 Says:

    Myrtle, I’m sorry. Just know that there may very well be some people in that newsroom laughing their butts off at the laughter.

    Oh, the things I could say about letters to the editor. But I probably should not. But I’ve seen some real winners in the Dallas Morning News, among other papers.

    Once there was one-I may have to find it-where a guy was questioning someone else’s claim that doing or saying something in public was a signal for gay sex. He was wondering, in the letters section, if that was true.

  4. M Says:

    no wonder those Asians do so poorly in the SATs, what with no knowledge of any verbs whatsoever. Dorothy, on the other hand, can probably speak 8 languages fluently!

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