Heaven Got the Gold Mine, We Got the Shaft.

Jerry Reed has died (thanks for the tip, loyal reader J).  Those of you who suffered through “East Bound and Down” on my summer mix CD know that my love for him and my poor musical taste know no bounds.  Godspeed, Jerry.  I know you will be right at home in that great Trans Am in the sky.

UpdateJalopy Journal has an epic Jerry Reed appreciation thread up.


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7 Responses to “Heaven Got the Gold Mine, We Got the Shaft.”

  1. dorothyzbornak Says:

    Ain’t nothing wrong with “East Bound and Down!” I love that song!
    R.I.P., Jerry Reed.

  2. The Mayor of Bethville Says:

    I play that song every time I’m driving east. Eternally the best. Rest in peace, Jerry Reed.

  3. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    May Jerry and Fred R.I.P on the great highways of heaven.

  4. kadinsky Says:

    oh my lord.

    not only is “East Bound and Down” one of my all time faves (ahem, I would like one of your summer mixes plz) but Jerry Reed was always my favorite part of Bandit’s run.

    I am very sad.

  5. myrtlebeachbum Says:

    Kadinsky, I will send you my mix. Be forewarned that Bocephus, John Denver, and Britney Spears are part of the package deal, though.

  6. No Shit. « Myrtlebeachbum Says:

    […] broke into a radio broadcast on the local country station to tell me that Jerry Reed had died.  I blogged about it yesterday.  […]

  7. a.clever.otter Says:

    One of our departments at work rewrote this song to reflect sales goals.

    Maybe in his passing they will think it’s too tacky to play all the time.

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