As I Was Saying…

I’ve told a few of my fellow Tennesseans (still loyal to my home state, y’all, in spite of living elsewhere now) that Governor Phil Bredesen  would’ve been an excellent choice for Obama’s running mate.  Governor Bredesen is a middle-of-the-road Southern Democrat with extensive experience dealing with the healthcare issue.  He’s sort of a Bill Clinton without the skeeviness but, admittedly, without the charisma or public speaking skills (this has rightly been pointed out to me as a major drawback by several people). 

I never got very far with my argument, though, because most folks don’t really know who Phil Bredesen is.  Glenn Reynolds knows him, though, and over at Instapundit (look for the 12:36 p.m. post today), he’s making the argument that I was right all along.  Thank you, Glenn.  Now you may continue blogging in your pajamas at the RNC or whatever.


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One Response to “As I Was Saying…”

  1. jim Says:

    actually Reve Wright would have been a better V.P choice. He would have clearly shown obama’s viewpoint without sugar coating it!

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