You’ve Seen One Woman, You’ve Seen Them All

It’s a gorgeous Sunday afternoon on the Grand Strand, football is on t.v., and NASCAR will be on tonight.  Our neighbors are out of town, and we’ve jumped on their trampoline all weekend.  The steaks and scallops are going on the grill in a few minutes.  The weather has accommodated everything we’ve wanted to do.  Tomorrow promises to be another lazy day at home, and we’re going to cap off the weekend by watching UT-UCLA game (win or die, Phil Fulmer).  However, two items in the news are seriously pissing me off:

1.  Gustav, obviously.  I am praying for you, Gulf Coast.

2.  Sarah Palin pregnancy cover-up speculation.  Look, people, I don’t know if she faked a pregnancy in order to cover for her teenage daughter or not.  You don’t know.  McCain might not know if he didn’t bother with vetting her.  But one thing I think we all should know by now (but apparently don’t) is that every woman’s pregnancy is different, and not every teenager without a washboard stomach is pregnant.

While I was a huge pregnant woman, my friend who’s had three children of her own didn’t even show when she was almost nine months pregnant.  When she told me at 7 months that she was expecting her third, I could’ve fallen out of my chair.  And no, she isn’t overweight in the least.  She’s a 110 pound avid runner, much like Sarah Palin.  Another friend leaked amniotic fluid throughout her pregnancy and didn’t rush to the nearest hospital to deliver a baby each time it happened.  She worked, she came home and took it easy, and eventually she went on bed rest, but it didn’t cause her to deliver immediately.  Another woman for whom I nannied flew from Chattanooga to LasVegas and back one week before her due date.  And not all pregnant women wear muumuus and flats; I spent the last week of my second pregnancy in a suit and very high heels, on my feet, trying a case in a courtroom.  So I can understand how Palin could’ve actually – GASP! – walked the streets of downtown Juneau in low-heeled boots when she was about six months pregnant.  Finally, I know plenty of teenagers with a bit of belly fat who aren’t pregnant.  And I know plenty of moms of teenage daughters who would cut you for extrapolating a pregnancy from pictures of their daughter with a belly that happens to be less than perfectly flat.

The point I’m trying to make here is that pregnancy cover-up or no, one thing we all need a firmer grasp of is the fact that all women are different.  That goes for their pregnancies as well.  And the fact that Sarah Palin’s supposed pregnancy didn’t look or progress like yours or your wife’s our your friend’s or your sister’s or your cousin’s simply means that Sarah Palin is not you, or your wife, or your friend, or your sister, or your cousin.  And that’s all it means.  When and if someone comes forward with proof that she faked a pregnancy in order to cover up her teenage daughter’s pregnancy, I will be here, laughing at McCain and the notion that all pregnant women are whales in flats and all teenagers are flat-stomached waifs.

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7 Responses to “You’ve Seen One Woman, You’ve Seen Them All”

  1. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    Well that’s an interesting rumor. As for covering-up the origin of Trig’s birth, there’s the matter of the birth certificate and the documentation/charting of those attending the birth. I really question if Palin would and could influence this level of paperwork that, if falsified, could undermine the credentials of the medical personnel involved.

    Where was Trig delivered and how many medical staff participated in his birth and the post-partum care of the mother? The provision of this information, or it’s total absence, should shed light on this curious discussion.

  2. lalaland13 Says:

    Hmm this does seem like an interesting vein of thought, and a lot of coincidences-like the supposed five or eight month removal from school for mono, the hours-long flight to Alaska while allegedly having contractions-still, hard to say for sure.

    Devil, DailyKos (again not sure how accurate they are) says the supposed one-month premature baby was delivered at a rural hospital. I agree that seeing the birth certificates would help. But either this will get bigger and explode or it will die down for lack of evidence over the next couple of weeks. No telling. I agree, Myrtle, that not all pregnancies are the same. Nicole Kidman didn’t show until she was what, her sixth or seventh month?

  3. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    Lala thanks for the reference to DailyKos. Concur, there are many curious circumstances cited in this situation. I have no doubt the staff of the delivery hospital will be GRILLED by investigative/tabloid journalists, and probably the DNC dirt collectors. There are simply too many hands in a hosptial based delivery and post-partum care duties to keep a switch quiet, if it indeed happened.

    Totallly agree that no 2 pregnant women have the same experience, symptoms, and physical changes.

  4. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    If the timeline, and previous pregnancy pic of Palin, on DailyKos are accurate…this is mighty curious!!

  5. lalaland13 Says:

    OK now it’s basically “My daughter wasn’t pregnant when I was, but she is now!”

    So Palin probably gave her daughter abstinence only, and now that she’s pregnant, she’s putting her up as a shining example for “keeping my baby.” Love how the right wing will use kids: first, no proper sex ed for you! Then, keep the baby or else you’re really going to hell. Hypocrites.

    I don’t think this is indicative of the VP she’d make, but I do think it’s shitty on her part to agree to be VP candidate then put her daughter up like this. Why not say, “Hey Mr. Senator, I have a lot going on there in Alaska now, what with me being investigated and my daughter being preggers. Can I take a snow check?”
    If McCain’s people did vet her and found this and the Troopergate and whatnot, and McCain still picked her, he’s a moron. If she wasn’t vetted, the campaign’s a moron. My God.

  6. lalaland13 Says:

    To clarify my third paragraph, I just hate how no matter what, some (not all) rightwingers love to use kids as a pawn in their “moral values” game. It’s not about what’s best for them or letting them decide. it’s all “morals” of some other crapheads. You cripple them by not giving them the right info, then praise them for “doing the right thing” by keeping the kid and perhaps marrying the babydaddy.

  7. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    Have medical personnel stepped forward to verify the “uterous of origin” for Trig?? Folks, 2 pregnancies in a sexually active teen w/this type of conservative, won’t talk about sex background is NOT uncommon. Just sayin….

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