I read the Palin forums on several conservative and liberal sites today, and I checked Facebook updates all day to find out how my friends were reacting to McCain’s choice, but the most interesting comments were at Feministing.  Good arguments all around.


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One Response to “Panderisting?”

  1. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    Her obvious horror points to the Dems are points of assurance to Reps: hard-core pro-life, anti-environment, & pro-gun. What I find interesting are the supporting details which could sway the undecided, unconvinced, and independents: identifies strongly w/athletics, married someone of another race, relatively short time in politics and doesn’t play into the “political machine” concept, experience w/commercial fishing which is very salient to the working classes everywhere, a house full of kids including a child w/special needs, and she could pass for your next-door neighbor if you’re urban OR rural.

    Sadly, many folks vote based on surface qualities w/which they can identify…she’s brings a WIDE range of those to this race. Should be interesting!

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