This is the most interesting thing I’ve read all day about the presidential race.  Basically, current polling indicates that there is almost no measurable difference in voting preferences between men and women within racial and political groups except for white independents.  Within that group, men prefer McCain to Obama 51% to 35%, while women prefer McCain over Obama 42% to 41%.

As my elderly next-door neighbor Mom-Mom said to me tonight, “I’d sure like to see a woman as president.”  I don’t know Mom-Mom’s political leanings, but she was super excited about Palin’s appearance with McCain today.  And if she’s an independent, she’s exactly who McCain is supposed to be targeting.  No one ever accused the Republicans of not crunching the numbers.  Rove was a master of it, you know.

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One Response to “Hmmmmm…”

  1. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    The Reps played the wild card to the ultimate w/the selection of Palin. Classic Rove move. McCain is being hammered as 4 more years like the last 8. Well, we all know Cheney is the root of all evil….what better way to market your ticket and say you’re addressing “change” too by picking Palin, who is daylight to Cheney’s darkness. The Palins also make the ticket more “palitable” to the average working class individual, esp. given Cruella’s beer money.

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