Sleeping with the Enemy

Most of the time, I love being in a politically divided marriage.  I married a two-time Bill Clinton voter who switched teams once he graduated from law school and started making money.  I’m okay with that, mostly because he allows me to jump up and down and scream and threaten to blow shit up when it comes to his party.  To his everlasting credit, he almost never reciprocates.  He just keeps watching the History Channel and nods.

Beyond tolerance, though, we have an interesting thing going.  We both get insight into the other party and the opposing point of view, beyond the talking points and the stupid attack ads.  I am endlessly fascinated by the things he likes and dislikes about his party, his opinions on what he thinks they should do to win the presidential election, and what he likes (or at least can tolerate) about my party.  For instance, he was going to vote for Hillary Clinton.  Amazing!  Inexplicable!  Hawt-sex-worthy!  And he hates W.  And he thinks Mittens would be a better choice than Huckabee for veep.  And he believes the Republicans accidentally stumbled onto the perfect presidential candidate in John McCain.  We could talk for hours about this shit, and I would never tire of it because it’s definitely not an echo chamber.

We had one such discussion over cheeseburgers today in the heart of Myrtle Beach’s tacky ass tourist district, and I was still on such a good conversation high when I came home that I didn’t even mind that he emailed me this poll indicating that Obama’s 7-point lead has sunk to a 5-point deficit.  Depressing, yes, but interesting, too, because it proves my point that he has some serious work to do with everyone, not just with so-called PUMAs.  His numbers are down with Catholics.  They’re down with independents.  They’re down with women.  They’re down with the born-agains.  They’re down with everyone except African Americans.  And worst of all, he’s lost the most ground with the 18-29 year-olds, a group of voters who helped drive me to the bottle with their blind adoration of him during the primaries.  Fickle and lame, young ‘uns.  72 year-old McCain now takes 40 percent of that group’s votes.  Amazing, really, and frightening too.  I was glad J told me about it because I knew it was coming from a “thought you might like to know” perspective rather than an “in your face” way of thinking.  J, I love you, and for the record the dog was the one who put that Obama/Biden magnet on your Jimmy.  He is sneaky and surprisingly nimble for a three-legged gimp, you know.


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3 Responses to “Sleeping with the Enemy”

  1. nadarine Says:

    I don’t know which makes me want to die more: the knowledge that my little brother will be voting for McCain this fall, or the RON PAUL POSTER ON HIS FRIDGE.

    I need a drink.

  2. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    I bet your dynamic does makes for better intellectual discussions of party dynamics. Do ya’ll ever delve into debate over the lobby influence?? This is my current hot-button w/politics!! If so, how does the debate range??

  3. An Uneasy Peace « Myrtlebeachbum Says:

    […] mentioned before that I am one-half of a politically divided marriage.  Although my other half and I aren’t […]

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