O Hai

I had something to say about the Democratic Convention, and I think it was big and important, but I squandered my day, my brainpower, and my will to avoid the Maker’s Mark before 5:00 p.m. on a senseless, bitter fight with a bunch of hawt Canadian bitches over on Buttercuppunch.  Having lost my train of thought, I’m going to say something simple instead: Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is hiding in my closet, listening to every word I say.  Just this past Sunday, I was standing in my bedroom, wildly waving the Sunday paper about, jabbing my finger in J’s wary face, and telling him that I’d better see Barry Obama’s skinny ass in the local VFW hall and at Friday night bingo and at the next NASCAR race because playing to college students and arena crowds in Germany is a road to nowhere.  Well, guess what Ed Rendell had to say in an interview with NPR  this morning?

“I think what we have to do — and to the extent that I can influence this, I’m going to try — is to get [Obama] into areas where he hasn’t closed the sale,” Rendell says. “No more college campuses. He’s closed the sale on college campuses. Let’s get him into VFW halls. Let’s get him into factories and have him answer questions. And people will see how smart and how well-versed and how human a person he is, and we’ll be converting people.”

Um, yeah.  If you’re going to steal my ideas, Ed, at least don’t specifically mention the VFW.  Change it up a bit to, say, the USO Hall or something.  And take off my Vera Wang and my tiara while you’re at it.  To be honest, you’re a little too big-boned to carry it off.


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5 Responses to “O Hai”

  1. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    You never cease to delight The Devil! The constant pandering to his “comfort zone” (urban & college campuses) speaks to the lack of depth to what we have as the Dem nominee. But damn, we’re stuck.

    So Barry, GET.A.CLUE….land that change bird on the road less traveled and talk to the everyday, working class dems of this good country.

  2. cate3710 Says:

    Hehe. MBB, this post amused me and was exactly what I needed right now. The video before Hillary’s speech left me in tears. And shit, her talking about Seneca Falls right now is starting them up again. Wooo 19th Amendment! I’m going to go find myself more booze.

  3. Skinny Bone Jones Says:

    Barry who?

  4. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    Dear Barry and Michelle:
    Might I STRONGLY suggest you thoughtfully listen to HRCs salient speech on a daily basis…it might help you get a clue and actually pull this off come November. I am seriously not looking forward to 4 years of MrCrankyPants and Cruella, so get your shit together.
    The Devil

  5. sigourneyfever Says:

    You should charge him for stealing your ideas. I think a certain black dress would be a good payment, don’t you?

    I am still a mess from last night’s speech. STILL! The woman is amazing.

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