That Not-So-Fresh Look


Oh, dear.  Jill Biden, I know you are probably a lovely person, but this look is doing nothing for you.  We’ve seen the Belk suit, the Pretty Nails manicure, and the Vicodin housewife hair already.  It’s just not fresh.  If you are going to do Stepford, do it like Cindy McCain, who always throws a little Cruella DeVille into the sedative-and-gin stew for good measure.  I’m sure there’s someone out there who could help you step into this decade.  Who could it be?

Ah yes, there she is.  I’m not her biggest fan, but I’ve always given her credit where credit is due, and it most definitely is payup time in the wardrobe department.  Jill, listen to Michelle.  There are a thousand things she can teach you about dressing the part of an in-touch yet sophisticated political spouse, and trust me when I tell you that matchy-matchy ain’t in the syllabus.


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5 Responses to “That Not-So-Fresh Look”

  1. London_Calling Says:

    The difference between Jill and Michelle was the only thing my poor hungover brain could take away from this yesterday – it was the only thing off message (well, besides Obama introducing Biden as the next president…).

  2. TheDomina Says:

    It looks like Jill was photoshopped in from 1988.

  3. nadarine Says:

    Jill: your hair is pretty. Tousle it up a bit, perhaps? Look at a shirtdress or wrap dress, and also a Nice Politician’s Wife set of a pencil skirt and sweater set. Diamond studs over pearls.
    Step AWAY from the suit jacket.

  4. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    Dear Jill,
    If matchy-matchy is truly where your heart is at…get thy ass to Doncaster and St John….ASAP. At least they’ll make you 2008 matchy, matchy! Please consider mousse and a good muss for that head of hair…it does appear to have potential.
    The Devil

  5. The Mayor of Bethville Says:


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