Some low-down dirty hoors and I are exchanging Fall mix cds, and I’m at a loss for songs. 

I had no idea this would be so hard, especially since Fall is my favorite time of year.  SEC football, the NASCAR chase, warm weather, low humidity, bright blue skies, the exodus of area tourists, sending the kids back to school, and a chance to pig out on Halloween candy and hide the extra bulk under big sweaters=happy Myrtle.  In my younger days, Fall meant wearing my cheerleading uniform to school on Fridays, driving around in the afternoons with my BFF in her Honda CRX and smoking cigs, cheering on the football team all over the state on Friday nights, and jumping up and down and screaming “It’s Fall!” with Gina Burris on the first blue-skies-orange-leaves day of the year, whenever it happened to be.  (At the time I had no idea how insufferable were, and now that I know, I’m thankful I won’t have any tweenager daughters of my own to deal with.)  I really should have a million Fall songs to accompany the many reasons I love the season, but all I’ve got thus far is some really melancholy shit:

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground/The White Stripes


California Dreamin’/The Mamas and the Papas

Harvest Moon/Neil Young

Then She Did/Jane’s Addiction

Wayfaring Stranger/Neko Case

Scarborough Fair/Simon & Garfunkel

Autumn Sweater/Yo La Tengo

Leif Erikson/Interpol

Grey Sky Eyes/Carbon Leaf

Autumn Shade/The Vines

Try Not to Breathe/R.E.M.

A good list, I think, but it doesn’t really speak to my Fall experience at all.  Suggestions welcome.



2 Responses to “Halp”

  1. myrtlebeachbum Says:

    I see how no one comes to my rescue. “Rocky Top” just went on the list. Keep up the silence, and who knows what will be next? You only have yourselves to blame.

  2. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    It’s not very “fallish”, but I always think of Moondance by Van Morrison on a Friday night with a full moon and a hot date. Check out the lyrics…hawt!!!

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