Why So Lazy?

I haven’t posted for a few days because I am under the spell of Hilton Head Island, my favorite place on Earth.  It’s 82 degrees with low humidity here, and if this weather holds, I’m never, ever leaving.  I’m fairly sure the five of us can live happily in our 1000 square-foot hut for the rest of our days, and really, who would even miss us in Myrtle Beach?   When and if my dream comes to an end, I’ll be seeing you again.  Until then, I’ll give you something to ponder: death by shark or death by alligator?  Discuss among yourselves.


4 Responses to “Why So Lazy?”

  1. The Mayor of Bethville Says:

    Oh, god. I don’t want to think about either. That’s my biggest fear.

  2. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    Don’t you dare disappear on us Beach Bum!! As for either method of demise, I despise both creatures and would hope that either killer would choke to death on my bones.

    Enjoy the island, but don’t make us send a search party for you in a month or so… 🙂

  3. dorothyzbornak Says:

    I’m so jealous, but I’ll be chilling on the beach a few hours north of you next week, so that helps.

  4. notaclevername Says:

    Hm… this is actually a real threat.

    If I die by alligator, I probably die doing something I enjoy (kayaking), but I die with friends. It also probably means I died peeing or because I got stuck in some mangroves, which is just pathetic. And I’d die in an old beatup bikini that doesn’t fit, so I’ll die with a nip slip.

    If I die by shark, I die doing something I don’t enjoy (ocean swimming), but I do die in the cute J.Crew bathing suit.

    I guess I’ll pick shark because alligator seems more likely? And because I’d really like to die doing something other than relieving my bladder.

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