Problem Solved!

Of course it took a North Carolinian to solve Myrtle Beach’s Bike Week problems.  Our neighbors to the North are sharp, and they’re always on top of us in more ways than one.  See, for example, the following letter to the editor from Dave Molini of Shallotte, North Carolina that appeared in today’s Sun News:


Let bikers see patriotic movies

Let’s continue with May as bikers month, but with one stipulation. Let’s require all who are in attendance to view, en masse, at least one of the following films: “Flags of Our Fathers,” “The Longest Day” or “Saving Private Ryan.”

This will, to some small degree, offer some thought and perhaps even a silent prayer for our fallen heroes.

Dave Molini
Shallotte, N.C.

Yes, Dave, yes.  The noise, the crime, the traffic, the sight of an old lady’s thonged ass hanging off the back of her man’s bike, all – poof! – gone, just like that.  I have no idea why we didn’t think of this before.

And Dave?  While you’re fucking us with the nonsense stick, could you at least give us a reacharound?  That’s the way all the courteous tops do things.  Good manners start at home, even if your home is in the lesser Carolina.


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2 Responses to “Problem Solved!”

  1. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    Is it a prerequisite to stop your Requip in order to publish a letter in the Sun News?? Just curious, because that’s the second doozy this week.

  2. myrtlebeachbum Says:

    There is seriously at least one letter this dumb every single day in our local paper. I could easily make it a daily feature.

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