Things I’ve Learned from My Facebook Ads

Miley Cyrus lost 44 pounds last years, and I can too with the help of Laura’s Weight Loss.

Question: Did Miley Cyrus have 44 pounds to lose?  Or are we talking about the unexplained disappearance of an annoying younger sibling?  These are the questions that haunt my dreams.


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7 Responses to “Things I’ve Learned from My Facebook Ads”

  1. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    And those of us with a real 30 pounds to loose will continue to mourn the loss of Metabolite!

  2. bebehblog Says:

    AGreenEyeDevil, truer words were never spoken.

    And no, Miley Cyrus did not lose 44 lbs. Unless the removed all her internal organs including her brain and re-inflated her with helium.

  3. angiesyounglover Says:

    44 pounds = all the clothing she continually takes off for her “oops, i posted my private pictures on myspace” pictures. keep shedding, darlin’, and my hatred for you will only grow.

  4. dorothyzbornak Says:

    My other favorite Facebook ad is the “Is Your Man Gay?” ad. No, but thanks for asking, Facebook.

  5. lalaland13 Says:

    I get the “contact an elder!” ads. As in Mormon elder. And I’ve noticed that every single famous person ever has an IQ of 125, and am I smarter than them? Jessica Simpson, George Bush, Barack Obama-all 125!

  6. *h Says:

    I HATE those ads, so much. I even wrote to Facebook to bitch them about about them, but they never responded. Lately they seem to think I am broken hearted and just got dumped, but want to buy a wedding ring and some shoes and some douchebag shorts from American Apparel.


  7. badenbaden Says:

    44 pounds? She must have switched extensions.

    My ads are so funny, all “29 and SINGLE?!?!?!?” and I’m all, “How do they know that?!”

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