Un-Cuil, Man, Uncuil

There’s a new search engine pipsqueak in town, and its name is Cuil.  That’s right: Cuil, pronounced “cool,” which is apparently an ancient Irish word for “knowledge.”  Cuil is the latest in an undistinguished line of Google challengers.  It’s a search engine launched by former high-level Google employees, and it promises not only better searches but bigger searches because it claims to have created “the world’s biggest index” for trawling the Web.  This is not really a selling point for me, as all reports thus far seem to indicate that it gives users bigger but not better search results.  I, for one, rarely scroll past the first page of my Google search results.  To be fair, though, Cuil has one advantage that jumped out at me: its privacy policies trample those of Google for so many reasons, not least of which is the fact that it doesn’t keep logs of its users’ search activity.  I think that’s swell, and I applaud them for it.  However, regardless of how private or precise they make our searches, I can’t imagine Cuil is going to catch on, for one reason and one reason alone:

That name!  Seriously, did these folks even bother to consult a marketing firm, or did they just ask their hipster cousin?  “Cuil” is difficult to spell.  It isn’t catchy like “Google” (which is now a verb in its own right, according to the latest edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary).  It is a little too precious.  Worst (or maybe best) of all, it reminds me of cunnilingus, which I Googled for the correct spelling, because “Cuiling it” just seems like something my dad would’ve told my friends and I to do when we were making too much noise in the basement. 

Better luck next time, Cuil riders.

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4 Responses to “Un-Cuil, Man, Uncuil”

  1. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    I have a soft spot in my icy little heart for ANYTHING Irish, but holy hell people get a clue! An ancient unpronouncable language is not your go-to option for taking on the 800-pound gorilla in the room. WTF!

    Has anyone tried this Irish labeled search engine??

  2. myrtlebeachbum Says:

    Devil: I think I might give it a go. While I was GOOGLING info for this post, I came across a couple of tech bloggers who have decided to use it exclusively for a month or so to determine whether it performs better than Google. I plan to peep their blogs at the end of that time to see what they think (if I am organized enough to remember to do so, which is a big IF).

  3. angiesyounglover Says:

    okay, i just typed in these lyrics to this song that, for 5 years, i have no for the life of me been able to find – even on google. i was all excited from reading this post, thinking that maybe it would the answer to my sorryass prayers. i typed in the words and got this in return: “sorry, we didn’t find any results for…” now, i have typed that shit into google many, many times and i never got that. i’ve always got something – even if it was some other lame-o on a message board wondering what the song is too. so i shortened it, thinking, okay, maybe the run on of it was too much to handle…same thing. then i just typed “dogs” to make sure the engine was capable of something. not cuil.

    google, i will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

  4. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    AYL just curious, what are the song lyrics?? I tried a few basic searches on Cuil and was annoyed at how the types of articles were co-mingled. We’ll see what MBB turns up in a month or so.

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