Team Kelly (Just this Once)

I never liked this lispy whiner.  Give me Brenda or give me death.  However, a lot has changed for both Kelly Taylor and me since the real “90210″ went off the air, and I dare say the biggest of those changes is the fact that we both have three kids (“we” being me and Jennie Garth, who is really Kelly Taylor in my mind.  Just relax and go with it.)

Anyway,  I really, really appreciate the fact that Kelly looks like she’s had three kids.  I’m not snarking, folks – for real, I think she looks great, but she also looks like she could conceivably be a mother of three.  Those legs are my legs, and those ever-so-slightly droopy knees are – le sigh – my knees.  I think it’s nice to see a Hollywood mom looking like a mom.  So, for one day, and one day only, I’m gonna switch teams in honor of Kelly.  Lord knows she’s been through a lot, what with the diet pill addiction, cult involvement, cocaine experimentation, rape, gunshot wound, miscarriage, and fire tragedy.  That’s a lot for one pair of legs to manage, you know?


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7 Responses to “Team Kelly (Just this Once)”

  1. angiesyounglover Says:

    well her mom was a cokey, so what was she gonna do? say no to diet pills? yeah right.
    and just so we’re clear, i will never forgive kelly for that summer that brenda was away in paris. i don’t care how many times they played sofie b. hawkin’s “damn, i wish i was your lover,” you DO.NOT.HAVE.SEX on the beach with your best friend’s boy, i don’t care that brenda was shlooping around with superman. fuck that, kelly was her BFF (or something close to it), and the nerve of kelly to get all up in val’s shit (seasons later) when she was hussyin’ around, like, yo, hello kelly, pot? kettle? black? yeah. and whatever, your boyfriend is a drug addict liar who’s scootin around with his “art dealer.” yeah. well i hated val anyway, i’m in no way defending her. and kelly is really pretty anyway. and i guess now that she’s settled down and realized her priorities n stuff, it’s fine…have i sufficiently freaked you out?

  2. myrtlebeachbum Says:

    Not at all! I see that SOMEONE has learned you good in the ways of the 90210. Your encyclopedic knowledge excites me.

  3. angiesyounglover Says:

    i started watching the show after it went off the air (yeah, whatever, i can admit it). i would get caught up in the summers because FX would show like 4 episodes a day (following buffy, score!), so i started racking up the seasons while bored at my gma’s house. but whenever she would walk down the hallway past my room, i had to have some lame show on another channel set up with the “previous” button because it was “a trash show to watch,” she said. whatever, grandma, i do wha i wan!

  4. dorothyzbornak Says:

    @AYL: You set a good example for the younger generations. These children today must learn of the Kelly-Dylan-Brenda triangle! There are life lessons there, people!

    And I gotta agree, MBB, while I’m no Kelly fan, I am a real body fan, and it’s nice to see one in Hollywood. And the thing is, she’s got her real body, and she’s still gorgeous. Why can’t the rest of that messed up town realize those two things are possible at the same time?

  5. *h Says:

    Yes, AYL, but Brenda was macking it to Dean Cain in Paris, with her fake-ass accent, so she’s not completely in the clear either.

    The scene were Brenda tells both of them off is one of the best scenes of the entire series. So unintentionally hilarious.

  6. angiesyounglover Says:

    @*h: well, like i said above, i don’t care if she was schlooping around with superman, kelly was her BFF, yo! that’s some dark shit to be dealing!

    andrea 4 prez!
    yeah right.

  7. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    I’ve never watched an episode of this Beverly Hills thing, but I’m always supportive of women with REAL legs!

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