Farm Vacation: Success is Ours

National Lampoon’s skipped the farm vacay for a good reason: it’s cheap, fun, mishap-free, and probably wouldn’t make for good cinema.  No traffic, no muggers, no lost luggage, no hilarious tales of misfortune.  It’s just all chill, all the time.  We spent about $800 on gas, food, one night in a hotel room, and playing in and around Chattanooga.  Not bad for a week of fun.  Pictorial evidence that chasing a stray pig around the farm beats the living shit out of the Disneyworld pressure cooker after the jump.

We had several sightings of Rocket, the elusive stray pig who wandered onto the farm a couple of months ago.  She has broken into the herd, against the cows’ better judgment.  Clearly a divine light shines upon her.





Oh look!  The barn is already stocked with hay for the winter, and we didn’t even have to help.






Holding your BFF hostage with a finger pistol is just as much fun in the field as it is in line for the teacups.






Old farm equipment is fun and not too terribly dangerous to play on.






Creekwalking at my mom’s house in the Sequatchie Vally, aka Heaven.






Best ride ever.







Create your own souveneir by placing coins on the track before the train comes by.  Big fun!






Mowing the back 40 will buy you a week’s stay.






How badly did I want to strap this bathtub to the roof of my minivan?






Mmmmmm…homemade blackberry cobbler and ice cream on the front porch.  Yes, yes, of course we picked the blackberries ourselves!





ZOMG pretteh hossies!  Will eat apples out of your hand!







“It’s a Small World” insanity or party barge ride to the cove for an afternoon of drifting about?  No contest.






OK, OK, so we did stop seven million times during our March (Back) to the Sea, but we had fun along the way.  Here we are learning to pump gas the old skool way in Galivants Ferry, South Carolina.





And when we got home, the ocean was still there, thank Gawd.  Myrtle Beach would kinda suck without it.  I never signed up to live in no Gatlinburg, knowhatimean Vern?


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6 Responses to “Farm Vacation: Success is Ours”

  1. dorothyzbornak Says:

    I bet your boys had so much fun. Some of my fondest memories are of playing on the long-dead tractor and eating fresh food from the garden at my mamaw’s farm. Good times.

  2. trixiefromtoronto Says:

    I spent every summer on my aunt’s farm. It was bliss. It is still one of my favourite places on Earth.

  3. bowlingfordollars Says:

    I love you Myrtlebeachbum. This brings back so many memories. Also, having worked at Disney World, I can safely say that this vacation was better for everyone involved. You didn’t need no stinkin’ Disney Dollars!

  4. Skinny Bone Jones Says:

    Beautiful photos, beautiful kidlets! Your river looks an awful lot like ours.

  5. AGreenEyeDevil Says:

    Yeah for the old homeplaces/farms that have remained with families and didn’t fall into the hands of the developers! It’s beautiful and I hope it NEVER changes.

  6. Late-Breaking News: Rocket the Pig Swims « Myrtlebeachbum Says:

    […] you have good taste in random thoughts blogs, you may have read my earlier post about our fabulous farm vacation.  A highlight of the trip was our introduction to Rocket, the […]

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