Assy Discussion Forums: Men Do it Right

Good riddance, Jezebel.  We had a beautiful thing going until you turned assy, wishy-washy, and schizophrenic.  We loyal commenters fought the good fight and stabbed Jezebel 2.0 with our steely knives, but we just couldn’t kill the beast.  Instead, the beast trampled us: Ba-Zam! 

I think the editors over there are missing the point of commenter etiquette.  The real Jez-on-Jez crime doesn’t lie in the comments; it’s crime, and it’s staring Anna and the gang in the face every time they look in the mirror.  Rape apologists, Hillary Clinton slamming, and hipster-banged fangirls aside, the nail in the coffin for me was the banning of some of my favorite commenters who dared  give assy as good as they got it from Jezebel.  I miss the bite, I miss the snark, and I can’t quite understand why a women’s blog that tried to be the anti-iVillage ordered its loyal commenters to conform to sugar-and-spice standards. 

I wish we could take the editors and each other to task for stupid posts and comments.  All over the internet, folks are allowed to jump foolios into the comment boards and tell editors how it’s gonna be.  Here’s a good example from the male-dominated Hokey Ass Message Board (courtesy of my J):

Click and scroll through; it’s worth it. 

Can you imagine forcing these guys to refrain from gearhead-on-gearhead crime?  I think not.  Crime is part of the fun, and while it doesn’t pay, it makes the workday go a lot faster.  Now I’m off to the My Little Pony forum to stir some shit.  I hope to see you there.


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10 Responses to “Assy Discussion Forums: Men Do it Right”

  1. dorothyzbornak Says:

    Tell it, sister!
    I don’t like a whiny bitch in real life, and I certainly don’t have the time for one online. It’s the internet, people! If you can’t deal with a little snark and sass online, you’ve got bigger problems than some “mean girl” calling you out in a forum.

  2. nadarine Says:


    It’s called balls, bitches. I suggest a pair. (Or “ovs”, whatever’s good for you.)

  3. BAngieB Says:

    Cute shoes!

  4. amazonredheadedubervixen Says:

    So, speaking of nails in coffins, I painted my toenails last week, and then went to bed, and I ended up with sheet prints in the polish, so I had to take all the polish off, and while I was doing that my cat knocked over the nail polish remover and spilled nail polish remover all over my floor, then he ran through it and I had to rinse his paws off so he wouldn’t lick it off his paws and get sick, and while I was doing that he scratched my face, and I had to go clean the scratch and realized that I had a giant new whitehead on my chin, so I popped it and tweezed these really long chin hairs, then I finally got to finish taking off my nail polish so I could have a ham sandwich.

  5. dorothyzbornak Says:

    @amazonredheadedubervixen: That was amazing.

  6. Skinny Bone Jones Says:

    I really just should have printed this shit out and handed it to all the curious SF Jezzies who wanted to know why I committed Jezebel seppuku and what it would take to get me back!

  7. CeeJeeMcBeeGee Says:

    Word ladies! Being cyber-bullied? Log the fuck off!

  8. trixiefromtoronto Says:

    Sing it, sister!

  9. Laia Says:

    ham sandwiches are delicious! also when you rap ham around a banana its delicious. my friend used to call it a meat banana. we giggled.

  10. Laia Says:

    wrap not rap!

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